The call of the Ocean

To dive into the waters that surround the Galapagos Islands is to dive into the past, to wander through the unspoiled gardens of nature, and coexist, if only for a brief moment, with spectacular creatures that have inhabited the Earth for over forty million years. Marine protected areas such as this are time machines that not only allow going back to the past, but also challenge the human spirit and expertise in its passion to explore and discover.

Even though the English naturalist Charles Darwin conceived his revolutionary theory of evolution mostly through his observations on dry land, due to the lack of appropriate technology, we cannot help but to wonder how he would have felt if given the opportunity to explore the underwater mysteries like today’s’ divers and biologists do.

At first sight, what may seem as a hostile and inadequate environment for humans to explore has only proven to be another challenge for those who approach nature with admiration and respect. The urge to return to the ocean, where life began, did not only make us invent the machinery and special equipment for it, but also made us find within ourselves the power to transform our bodies into tools for exploration.

Even though just a few answer to the call for adventure, those who do never regret it.

This book displays the experiences and discoveries of such brave people in their mission to prove that nature is always willing to welcome us back. As Darwin put it, “Man still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his humble origin”. Without limits or restrictions, when the ocean calls, only the true explorers choose to answer.

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